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Audience Acquistion

Guaranteeing lead quantity and lead quality across a myriad of channels.

We specialize in audience acquisition, helping companies like yours reach their sales and marketing goals with a custom built campaign.


We can help you acquire audiences for your event, webinar or whitepaper campaign.

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How we do it


We gather key information on target audience and key accounts and analyze the total reach of your target audience.


We analyse our database and online communities and build out new data based on your key market criteria.


We create an integrated marketing campaign for your webinar/event/digital roundtable to ensure we deliver high calibre attendees that fall into your customer profile.


You will receive weekly lead updates, as well as insights into the complete campaign performance.

Guaranteeing performance

What makes us different?

Our roots have been in building audiences for our global event series. We have built a network of global leading events in data & analytics, AI, corporate learning or data science.


Our team of digital marketers, writers and demand generation experts have dedicated their careers to acquiring audiences for our event portfolio, and now we apply that same method to our digital programmes.


Our integrated campaigns start and end with our clients, we take the time to understand your customers and help tell stories that convert them into customers.

Start building trust with Corinium’s global C-Suite following

Our CxO Hangouts

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Start building trust with Corinium’s global C-Suite following