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Content Syndication

How we help disruptive technology firms elevate their message

Whether your work for an established technology vendor or a start-up in niche markets such as AI, data & analytics, BI and data science, you know it is getting increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and stand out from your competitors.


With Corinium Digital, you can efficiently position your content in front of the most senior data & analytics, AI, corporate learning or data science professionals. Our impressive database, made up of 550,000+ senior contacts, and CxO Hangouts, the world’s largest online platform dedicated to the emerging C-suite are the foundation of our legacy in the industry.


Not only can we help you raise your company’s profile, but we can help place your solutions at the forefront of the decision makers and consolidate your sales pipeline not just with leads, but the right leads.

Start building trust with Corinium’s global C-Suite following

How we do it


We gather key information about your target audience and agree with you the qualification criteria.


We create an integrated marketing campaign for you and syndicate your content to relevant audiences.


You receive qualified leads straight to your inbox.


What makes us different?

We have actively built the world’s largest online community [550,000+ senior contacts] dedicated to the emerging C-suite (CAO, CDO, CLO, CCO, CAIO), and our membership is booming.


Over the last 5 years we have made it out business to reach out to AI, data & analytics, BI and data science leaders and connect them through our CxO Hangouts publishing platform.


Out database consists of members that have requested our content, attended one of our events or match the verticals we specialize in.


Through our global event network, and network of industry influencers we can carefully distribute and position your content in front of a engaged audiences.


Find out exactly how we help leading technology firms extend the reach of their content.

The results are pretty amazing!

Start building trust with Corinium’s global C-Suite following

Our CxO Hangouts

CDO Hangout

CAO Hangout

CDS Hangout

CCO Hangout

CAIO Hangout

CLO Hangout

Start building trust with Corinium’s global C-Suite following