Our Method - Focusing on the Emerging C-Suite - Data & Analytics
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Focusing on the Emerging C-suite

Around 5 years ago, when we started out, we could count all the Chief Data Officers across the globe using both hands.


We saw the data and analytics industry explode. As our networks grew we helped connect thousands of data professionals through our global events portfolio and CXO Hangouts.


It was only natural after a brief time of seeing how rapid the rise of the CDO role was that we moved quickly into supporting the Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Data Scientist, both with their own firmly established networks.


We are always innovating and staying one step ahead through our advisory boards of Chief Officers in each discipline. We have just added 3 new networks over the past 18 months, Chief Learning, Chief Customer and Chief AI Officer.


Through this, our CxO Hangouts were born. Informal, friendly, targeted and 100% used as a primary source of what’s happening within these verticals – by the very C-suite executives that created them.

Start building trust with Corinium’s global C-Suite following

Why work with us?

Achieving goals together 

Many of our clients have similar goals – they want new business opportunities, brand lift and to set themselves apart from the competition. With our publishing platform we can help you achieve these goals through stand-alone or integrated lead generation campaigns.


Corinium is the world’s largest community inspiring and supporting the emerging C-suite executives in the world of Data, Analytics, Customer and Digital Innovation. We’re excited by the incredible pace of innovation and disruption in today’s digital landscape. That’s why we produce conferences, custom events and timely content that connect you to what’s next and help you to lead your company into this new paradigm.


Our unique access to this rapidly growing C-suite has resulted in a huge catalogue of content and industry insight, powered by our CxO Hangouts. It’s here where we share the outstanding thought leadership from our global events.


With our ever-increasing global network of Data, Analytics and Digital leaders and influencers, no one else is better placed to connect you to the market and place you in front of customers.


Our offerings range from digital branding/advertising campaigns to lead generation through industry insight & benchmarking reports, surveys and email campaigns.

Industry Insights

We believe a conversation starts with knowing the audience first.

Brand Awareness

We believe in bringing your brand to life and connecting you to your audience.

Content Marketing

We believe in inspiring people through powerful content that can change processes and disrupt routines.

Demand Generation

We believe in enabling conversations so that you can start new business relationships.

A campaign that will shoot you right to the heart of your target audience.

Through our event websites, CxO Hangouts,Monthly Newsletters, Benchmarking Studies, White Papers and dedicated email marketing, Corinium Digital provides you with the perfect platforms to promote your brand, share thought leadership and generate new business. With 555,000+ contacts spread across web, email and social media channels, Corinium Digital will distribute your content based on your specific customer criteria.


Getting to know your customers.

Every client we work with has unique challenges and obstacles.


We make it our business to scrape as much information as possible from your lead generation stakeholders. As well as pulling together key audience information, we research and build data around your companies key account list.


We pride ourselves on our research calls, our understanding, current market conditions, your communications plan and what good looks like is key to a well-structured and effective campaign.


Elevate your message.

We have actively built the world’s largest online community of emerging C-Suite roles, and our membership is booming.


Through our global event network, and network of industry influencers we can carefully distribute your message through multiple channels. We leverage our monthly newsletter, dedicated e-shots, social channels, PPC and organic blog strategy.


We are consistently monitoring our channels to further optimize and tweak them to ensure maximum exposure.


Return on Investment

We send you weekly updates on performance, offer suggestions for improvement and give full transparency on your campaigns at all times.


Once a campaign is complete, we send you a full report of all the leads generated and information on how the campaign performed against agreed objectives.

Download our media pack with detailed information on packages and our reach: